Finally A CEO Calls Out Washington

This was the best part of last week…….hopefully more major CEO’s follow suit


I would look at it the other way around. So we’ve – since the great recession okay, which is now eight years old, we’ve been growing 1.5% to 2% in spite of stupidity and political gridlock because the American business sector is powerful and strong and is going to grow regardless. From to wake up in the morning, the want to feed their kids, they want to buy a home, they want to do things. It’s the same with American businesses, might what I’m saying is that it will be much stronger growth had we made intelligent decisions and we were not gridlocked.

And thank you for pointed it out because I’m going to be a broken record until this gets done. We are unable to build bridges, we’re unable to build airports or industries. School kids are not graduating. You know, I was just in France. I was recently in Argentina. I was in Israel, I was in Ireland. We met with the Prime Minister of India and China. It’s amazing to me that every single one of those countries understands that practical policies that promote business and growth is good for the average citizens of those countries for jobs and wages and it’s somehow this great American free enterprises and we no longer get it.

And so, my view is that and corporate taxation is critical to that by the way. We’ve been driving capital and bringing it overseas, which is why this $2 trillion sitting overseas benefiting all these other countries and stuff like that. So if we don’t get it, if we don’t get our act together we could still grow, obviously it’s unfortunate but it’s hurting us.

It’s hurting the body of politics, it’s hurting the average American that we don’t have these right policies and so no, in spite of gridlock we will grow at 1.5% to 2%. I don’t buy the argument that we’ll relegate this forever, we’re not. And you know if this administration can make breakthroughs in taxes and infrastructure regulatory reform we have become the most one of most bureaucratic confusing litigious societies on the planet.

It’s almost an embarrassment being an American citizen travelling around the world and listening to the stupid shit we have to deal with in this country. And you know at one point we all have to get our act together or we will do what we’re supposed to do to the average Americans. And unfortunately people write about the things like it’s for corporations. It’s not for corporations, competitive taxes are important for business and business growth, which is important for jobs and wage growth. And honestly, we should be winging that along, but every single one of you every time you talk to clients.

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